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  1. This bot cannot be trusted. Settings are irrelevant. It does whatever it wants. Everything was set as it should be. Set bot before leaving and come home to find that it has apparently been getting stuck on flat open terrain for the last 10 hours. It also apparently didn't repair the entire time and was just derping back and forth dying the entire time. I just got an account banned the other night because it undoubtedly did something absurd. Now this will probably get this one banned too. Why is there always an issue? Has anyone actually been able to trust this thing and just click start and co
  2. I had the same issue. That did nothing, maybe?
  3. The bot just randomly decided it won't vendor or purchased food/ammo. Anyone else have this issue recently?
  4. Yup mine does the same thing. Only with this profile it won't vendor. Also, the whole issue with going to darkshore got an account banned. I came back and he was all red, wouldn't vendor and trying to run through an area of red mobs dying repeatedly.
  5. This fightclass goes up, cheap shots and then doesn't attack and runs to another mob. Is this something it's supposed to do and if so can you turn it off?
  6. I downloaded the file, but still says I can't review. Also it's working pretty good though. There's some bugged mobs in dustwind gulch, badlands that gives it a hard time, but that's about it. I'll review when I get it to let me. Also I was going to mention that the areas in badlands it grinds are basically a war zone with pvp and super high traffic.
  7. So I downloaded the HMP from disc and now it won't show up in the bot. However, the other problem is solved with HMP being gone, so that's one thing down.
  8. Awesome, thank you. I will try that now since I know where it is. Oh, just kidding. Discord connecting server is busted, which is probably why I didn't see anything. It's been causing problems for people for several hours now. I will update whenever that gets fixed. Thanks again.
  9. Is there some hidden update I'm unaware of? The bot says everything is updated. There's no update listed on HMP page and I haven't been sent any updates.
  10. Yea mine is broken too. Restarted, everything says updated, it just started out of nowhere.
  11. Here's the log after it started the nonsense. Anyone found a fix yet? 21 Sep 2018 09H25 - xVONxf.log.html
  12. Everything was working fine and then the bot updated, said there was an error while updating but then said it was update. Now I get the following and my toon spams on and off targeting of mobs. Any ideas? Thanks [E] 09:27:29 - StartFight(ulong guid = 0, bool inBg = false): System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1<robotManager.Helpful.Vector3> wManager.Wow.Helpers.PathFinder.FindPath(robotManager.Helpful.Vector3, robotManager.Helpful.Vector3, Boolean ByRef)'. at Escape.RunFightEventHandler(WoWUnit unit, CancelEventArgs cancelable)
  13. They may be out of order. I will rearrange them and try again. Thanks Yup they were just out of whack somehow. Rearranged them and it's working now. I extracted inside quester and the +private+ folder went inside the alliance one. Missed that part last night. Thanks again.
  14. Hey I just got this and I never got a pop up window for ID and am getting the following error. [E] 21:59:19 - Compilator Error : c:\Users\Dillinger\AppData\Local\Temp\dmiya2dc\dmiya2dc.0.cs(16,7) : error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'yGJaVeWiduTfNPtqVuOSeVnpSiqyaPICAEjvTSMJ' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) I extracted the filed into quester, opened it under quester and then that happened. Any idea on what's going on? Thanks.
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