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    namegone reacted to Ordush in Afk Loop spam   
    Taken from HMP's Discord.
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    namegone reacted to DarkMorc in Afk Loop spam   
    17:34:02 - PathFinder server seem down, try to change server.
    17:34:03 - [Security] Pathfinder server seem down, pause bot for 60 secondes
    we can read 😉
    Its updated
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    namegone got a reaction from koviack in So all vanilla scripts are 30 euro +????   
    I have to constantly baby sit this thing to not get banned because it does ridiculous bot like things all the time. Looking back I likely wouldn't buy it again. 100 bucks later in plugins, fight classes and profiles and I get something that's so noticeably a bot it's not worth using. I just use it to automate grinding now and babysit it to make it's not spazing out. My favorite is when it randomly goes to town for no reason, or the time it decided to go to town, fly to org, land, then fly back to crossroads and then try to fly back to org again before i caught it. 
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