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  1. Is there a place to download the previous version?
  2. burnimation

    AFK Spam

    Wrobot continuously AFK then stops AFK. Will SPAM chat with it and show on character. No issues with this until this update. Checked for LUA click to move and it's enabled. Tried just LUA, and just CTM, still issue continues.
  3. Hello team! Little issue with AFK Spam since update. Bot will AFK then unAFK, then do this spamming in loops.l I've checked the LUA to move issue. Never had this issue until the update today. In addition, there is an issue with targeting like described in a post below mine. This is a super issue for me from all versions ;p. Thank you!
  4. burnimation


    @Droidz Same issue with this new update. LUA to move is on..
  5. Is there a way to clear it before you open the retail version?
  6. @eeny Is there a way to check on our end how / when it goes up /down? seems to work partially then just quit.
  7. @eeny having MAJOR issues with pathing in ashenvale. It's actually at the point of being unbottable. Just constantly runs into trees, limbs, and down cliffs. Is there an issue with the server today?
  8. Today has been horrible for botting on this end as well. I'm not sure what's going on, but all of my path's are off.
    The profile itself is very well written. Often updated to fix bugs. I was new to the botting community and I can say that Bambo was very patient during the setup. Many things I thought were bugs actually turned out to be me lack of knowledge in the program. I'm not sure if he ever sleeps, but always responds to messages in regards to the program if there are issues. Great job, and please don't stop creating!
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