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  1. well same here but i had actually a full lifetime subscribtion that was avaible for a handfull people 😉 well all i can say is your wrong because i got all the profiles here 🙂
  2. dude i never complained ever about anything your talking rn. your in a completly different topic right now that has NOTHING TO DO with what i said. and naaah thx. not worth my time and effort. classic will be out soon anyway and the bot doesnt support it.
  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it can interact with targets what are you talking about? "no real functionallity" dude you never used the bot in your life as it looks like. im using it for all the stuff where wrobot fails 🤣 i have a big compilation of probably all the work that was made back then and trust me there is a shit ton that came out before cata. well done talking here because all i face are fanboys.
  4. dont know if you ever used pirox... i leveled multiple chars from 1-70/80 without much afford and its a no brainer because there was multiple 1-80 profiles written (questing/grinding) setting it up takes probably as much time as wrobot with my self written makromaster. well the argument was : the bot is 10 years old and does still things better then other bots .... nothing more. i mean pathing is crap since i use the bot. bgs are shit since i use the bot. farming is crap since i use the bot ( probably because of the terrible pathing). wrobot can be lucky that it has dedicated community developer which are working hard to get some stuff out and that workaround problems because most issues never gets fixed.
  5. there is no error msg i dont see a button to send private msges at all
  6. i dont know how droidz thinks im talking about warmane there are multiple servers with evidence that detected it but nvm
  7. -still undetected not like wrobot. -200 times better then wrobot in bgs. -better farming then wrobot. -automatic whisper respond. - can do almost everything as wrobot the only things that i get in mind rn is that you can use wrobot for rotations and add extra plugins/rotations thats the only positive difference. 10 years old and not developed anymore and still beats the shit out of most bots.... what a shame 🙂
  8. im not able to receive or send any private msges anymore . Why?
  9. well there is one more 😄 my cracked version of pirox + makromaster. sadly that it doesnt work for vanilla so the best option there is wrobot. everything else pirox -> all other bots
  10. hey i understand your frustration . i can probably help you out. pm me because i cant send you any pms. greetings
  11. i dont search for logs i search for the account informations! like email and pw you put in the damm relogger.
  12. well bad for you then because you are definitly not a long time user 😄
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