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  1. Seems like a german Client, so i guess the NPC(in this case gameobject) is also german. Try to put in the german Name instead.
  2. You can try to activate Food/Drink and type in your regen Spells and check on the "not an item, is spell", dont forget to change the percentage to your needs.
  3. Hey, do you have "Attack before beeing attacked" turned off? Do you use the Multipull Plugin? Have you turned on Drink in Food/Drink? You also can try to set down the Food/Drink Percentage. Just some suggestions^^
  4. Hey try to add the Vendor manually. Click on the "Tools" Button (the very last on the left) and go to NPC DB. Target your Vendor ingame, set Type in NPC DB to Vendor and click on "Add Target to NPC List"
  5. Hey, you can find it anytime under "My Purchases" if you click on the "Manage" Button there.
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