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  1. All successful purchases will be under "My Purchases"
  2. Once you make the payment, you get the key
  3. top four were bundled. So I have to find it again and reread description on which is which
  4. Blank Fishing.xml Darkwater Skate - Darkmoon Island [Studio60][QuestBot].xml Darkwater Skate - Darkmoon Island [Studio60][QuestBot][No Travel].xml Darkwater Skate - Darkmoon Island [Studio60][QuestBot][No Travel][No Mount Purchase].xml N-Grind--100-110 lorlathil .xml
  5. I know this has been asked before, but I was wondering if I were to take a profile from HB that is in XML format and use it with WRobot? I came across some profiles that has intrigued me.
  6. gathering profiles are pretty simple to make. There are also some Free and Paid profiles. But I also do recommend making your own.
  7. I'd confront them about it. Lifetime means lifetime. unless it was stated beforehand that the lifetime membership can expire at some point. Idk what you can do legally tho. You should look into it
  8. unfortunately I don't have coding knowledge. I definitely would prolly purchase fightclasses that were really good as you claim.
  9. bot will never top in dps unfortunately. I wish it could. There is a slight delay between each ability and the bot also goes in a rotation. It doesn't know when to skip a spell to get you the surge you want unfortunately.
  10. General Settings > Close bot on full bags > On
  11. you could use WRotation while raiding but your dps will be low and as you know, most people don't like low dps in raids. you could get away with it in LFR like I do but for the serious runs, you'll wanna do it yourself.
  12. quester tutorial

    audio isn't so good. It's very muffled.
  13. I did make a response via your inbox
  14. Quest profiles are the hardest thing to make, so when someone decides to make one and release it, they would like to get something in return. For the most part, the profiles are not that much as I have bought a few myself already. But there is a good variety to start you off free.