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  1. Alt+X
  2. I used a travel drive. No issues.
  3. Place the WRobot on a travel drive and viola. WRobot everywhere you go.
  4. only thing that worries me about this location is that its a high traffic area.
  5. Supposedly Blizz is doin live maintenance on at least the US servers from 0500 PDT to 0900 PDT on Thursday 23MAR17. I would advise to avoid using bot at these times to be safe. Maybe it's nothing to worry about and maybe I'm too paranoid (lol), but it's better to be safe than sorry. Idk if other servers are getting the same treatment.
  6. for live or private server?
  7. I've only use rotation in LFR as I don't have any good fightclasses that is worth using in normal+. I myself noticed the issue only with Guldan but that is when he is in the center.
  8. CPU and Memory seem extremely low for running 2 wow clients running and 2 bots also. When I load up just 1 window of wow, it's using almost 2gb of memory. So it seems it may be your pc. But that is my opinion. The only error I see is the Injection as it clearly shows. Based on my experience, it's rare and the very few times it has happened, I just rebooted my computer and it works fine after that. Also make sure bot is updated. Try rebooting and see what happens.
  9. It's worth it
  10. Welcome aboard.
    Ok. After using for awhile, it's definitely NOT AFK. It seems to tie itself up in Azsura, mainly in the southern half of it. So I have to help it there. After that it runs pretty smooth for the most part (still gotta keep one eye on it). Next Issue is when it reaches Highmountain, it tends to loop with the Hunter's Lodge and Nesingwary. Flies to Lodge, run down to Nesingwary, fly to Lodge, repeat... So this is where I have stopped the profile momentarily to manually do Highmountain and then continue from there. So far it does show a promising profile. Monthly costs seem kinda high. But I'll prolly give it another month to see how it smooths out and go from there. So I give it the Reaper's Rating of 66 (two 6s out of three 6s).
  11. Spec? Talents?
  12. Calm down. I overlooked it. No need to be cranky.
  13. Yea. You're right. Lol. It's been a long day. Lol. My bad :P
  14. So I decided to check this out and I choose to use the Horde (Troll) profile and I get the following: [E] 15:40:23 - Grinder > Bot > Bot > Pulse(): System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Grinder.Bot.Usoacoaxutioh.DuitaiIhae() 15:40:23 - [Grinder] Failed to start