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  • [Feature REQ] Quester objective priority

    • Version: All Product: Quester Type: Suggestion Status: Not Added

    Scenario: When you make quester profile and add objectives (example bosses and monsters or lootable/interactable objects) every objective in current quest will share same priority which will be ordered by distance


    Issue: The problem with current system is you may never be able to finish the quest because there will always probably be something "useless" for you to kill which you needed at some part of that quest


    The fix: To fix this issue my ideas are:

    - Add seperate lists for prioritizing objectives (example: top priority > medium priority > low priority objectives) this could be expanded by adding possibility being able to add more priority lists by clicking button (by default having only highest priority visible) 

    - Expand later to be able to hook priority lists to quest objectives so the bot will be able to prioritize quest objectives by priority lists

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    use in pulse

    		var hotspots = new List<Vector3>()
    			new Vector3(1,2,3),
    			new Vector3(1,2,3),
    			new Vector3(1,2,3),
    			new Vector3(1,2,3),
    		var mobs = new List<int>();
    		if (!Quest.IsObjectiveComplete(1, 12345))
    			mobs.AddRange(new int[] { 1, 11, 111 });
    		if (!Quest.IsObjectiveComplete(2, 12345))
    			mobs.AddRange(new int[] { 2, 22, 222 });
    		if (!Quest.IsObjectiveComplete(3, 12345))
    			mobs.AddRange(new int[] { 3, 33, 333 });
    		var mob = ObjectManager.GetNearestWoWUnit(ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitByEntry(mobs));
    		if (mob != null && mob.IsValid && mob.IsAlive && mob.IsAttackable)
    			return true;
    		var p = hotspots[Others.Random(0, hotspots.Count - 1)];
    		GoToTask.ToPosition(p, 5, true, (c) => ObjectManager.GetNearestWoWUnit(ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitByEntry(mobs)) == null);
    		return true;


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    No quest as specific this would help users to create quests without being required to make seperate quests for each step in quest. This would also help create dungeon profiles easier when bot would prioritize bosses over trashes if you would like it that way. 


    Just overall would improve the bot questing system and possibly reducing the size of profiles and making them easier to edit. Of course these are big changes but i think it is worth doing 

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