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  • PathFinder.ReportArea missing ContintentId parameter

    • Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Unconfirmed

    hey @Droidz,


    when my products starts up, I am trying to add road and water vectors. 
    This method is missing a parameter to tell the pathfinder which continentId to use:

    athFinder.ReportArea(arathiRoad.Position.ToVector3(), arathiRoad.Radius, arathiRoad.AreaType, true);

    For water it is easy, I can just use blacklist like this:

    wManagerSetting.AddBlackListZone(water.Position.ToVector3(), water.Radius, ContinentId.PVPZone04, water.AreaType, true);

    But please add a parameter so I don't have to blacklist anything and I can use pathfinder properly.
    Thank you

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    Hello, it is normal, WRobot call PathFinder.ReportArea when you change continent (from list that you create with wManagerSetting.AddBlackListZone, WRobot add only blacklist of current continent)

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