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  • Polymorphed target is wrongfully blacklisted

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Duplicate

    Hey Droidz,

    I have a problem with polymorphed targets getting wrongfully blacklisted. When I fight my main target, then polymorph a second target and the first one dies:

    - it never attacks polymorph
    - when polymorph breaks, it recognizes "IsAttacked" state but never attacks back (my fightclass works if (Fight.InFight || Conditions.IsAttackedAndCannotIgnore) && ObjectManager.Target.IsAttackable))

    I use custom code to attack the polied target and start a fight, but it seems to not work:

    if(!Fight.InFight && !Me.InCombat && !_IsMoving)
                            WoWUnit polyTarget = ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWUnit().Where(u => u.IsValid && u.HaveDebuff("Polymorph") && u.GetDistance < 15 && u.IsAttackable).FirstOrDefault();
                            if (polyTarget != null)
                                Logging.WriteDebug("Found polied target " + polyTarget.Name + " attacking!");
                                if (wManagerSetting.IsBlackListed(polyTarget.Guid))
                                if (CombatUtil.CanWand())
                                    CombatUtil.CastSpell(Shoot, polyTarget);
                                    CombatUtil.CastSpell(Frostbolt, polyTarget);

    Same problem on vanilla and TBC - any ideas?

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