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  • [TBC] WoWItem is missing property MaxDurability

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Added


    when developing my plugin cross-expansion, I noticed that in wManager for TBC WoWItem is missing MaxDurability property.

    Vanilla has it.

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    [E] - Engine > RunState(State state) > State: Resurrect - System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: Int32 wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.WoWItem.get_MaxDurability().
       kohteessa SpiritRezz.<>c.<ManyBrokenItems>b__8_0(WoWItem i)
       kohteessa System.Linq.Enumerable.Count[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source, Func`2 predicate)
       kohteessa SpiritRezz.ManyBrokenItems()
       kohteessa SpiritRezz.SpiritRezzEventHandler(Engine engine, State state, CancelEventArgs cancelable)
       kohteessa robotManager.Events.FiniteStateMachineEvents.FSMEngineStateCancelableHandler.Invoke(Engine engine, State state, CancelEventArgs cancelable)
       kohteessa robotManager.Events.FiniteStateMachineEvents.XejiducaifuoEked(Engine uvagojifoviEnoxara, State teoqoura)
       kohteessa robotManager.FiniteStateMachine.Engine.Ikitelaeduena(State teoqoura)

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