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  • [Vanilla/TBC] Vendoring broken since last update

    • Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Unconfirmed

    Hey @Droidz


    did you change something about vendoring in vanilla/tbc lately?
    ToTown state seems to constantly get aborted. People are reporting this as an issue to me, and I managed to reproduce it.
    In the log, it says that it's going ToTown, but it never actually does. It just continues grinding. What could be causing this?

    12:21:55 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Adding vendor Nizzik for next ToTown state!
    12:21:56 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Choosing vendor Nizzik and repair Nizzik for ToTown state!
    12:21:56 - [ToTown] Go to vendor Nizzik (Repair)
    12:22:00 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Venture Co. Builder (lvl 21)
    12:22:10 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Looting Venture Co. Builder
    12:22:10 - [Regen] Started
    12:22:12 - [Regen] Use drink Melon Juice
    12:22:19 - [Regen] Finished
    12:22:19 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Venture Co. Engineer (lvl 21)
    12:22:33 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Looting Venture Co. Engineer
    12:22:34 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Venture Co. Engineer (lvl 20)
    12:22:45 - [Regen] Started
    12:22:46 - [Regen] Use drink Melon Juice
    12:23:00 - [Regen] Finished
    12:24:37 - [Fight] Player Attack XT:4 (lvl 23)
    12:24:54 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Looting Venture Co. Logger
    12:24:54 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Enemy in the way, can't pull here - pulling Venture Co. Logger instead
    12:24:55 - [HumanMasterPlugin] cancelling regen while in combat
    12:24:55 - [Fight] Player Attacked by XT:4 (lvl 23)
    12:25:09 - [Looting] Loot XT:4
    12:25:12 - [Regen] Started
    12:25:13 - [Regen] Use drink Melon Juice
    12:25:27 - [Regen] Finished
    12:26:20 - [Fight] Player attack before being attacked by Venture Co. Operator (lvl 20)
    12:26:30 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Venture Co. Operator (lvl 19)
    12:26:31 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Looting Venture Co. Operator
    12:26:42 - [Looting] Loot Venture Co. Operator
    12:27:11 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Venture Co. Deforester (lvl 20)
    12:27:20 - [Looting] Loot Venture Co. Deforester
    12:27:27 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Venture Co. Operator (lvl 19)
    12:27:34 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Looting Venture Co. Operator
    12:27:34 - [Regen] Started
    12:27:35 - [Regen] Use drink Melon Juice
    12:27:48 - [Regen] Finished
    12:28:05 - [Looting] Loot Venture Co. Operator
    12:28:20 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Looting Venture Co. Operator
    12:29:43 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Venture Co. Deforester (lvl 19)
    12:29:55 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Looting Venture Co. Deforester
    12:30:02 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Venture Co. Logger (lvl 18)
    12:30:10 - [Looting] Loot Venture Co. Logger


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    I think if I call ToTown.NeedToRun() in my plugin (during CheckBeforeIfNeedRunState) it just cancels the state. It seems to work if I change some things around.
    But how ToTown.NeedToRun() evaluate and why does it seem to change whether the state is actually being run?

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    Try to force go to town before state.run()  (ToTown.ForceToTown = true;), I send you code of vanilla version (by PM), but I don't understand why this don't works only since last update, I haven't changed this code.

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