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Relogger Restarting wow over and over


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I'm 95% sure this is Relogger that is the issue.  It seems just recently that this has happened, and i'm not sure that anything is different other than the update.  So basically what happens is I start two profiles using relogger, then not much after that the wow applications just close, with no wow error.  They will typically just start up, log in, and close in a never ending loop.  Sometimes it may bot for about 2 mins then cut out.  I think I may delete my files and redownload everything.  


I know this isn't my wow application, because I'll play my wow accounts without robot with no issues at all.


please help lol.

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Please Disregard, I think this was an addon or a messed up file.  I copied the wow folder without addons, and am using that for botting. 

I also redownloaded Wrobot and coppied my profiles to it.


The addon specifically responsible I believe was Super Macro, but I can't be 100% sure, but it was the only new addon that i've downloaded in the past month or so.


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