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Vanilla Hunter Arrow problem


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Hey there, so i recently got the bot and bought a BM hunter fighter.

Now when he runs out of arrows, he continiues to grind, dosent go and fetch any arrows at all.


Tried to add it in the settings, but no reactions.


I added to buy water when below -1

buy food when below -1

and i tried this in arrows


"Razer Arrows  | Arrows | Buy when less then -1 |" 

but he dosent buy it ? Food is okay, but no arrows.



Any help ?

Feel free to contact me on discord, would love some help!




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It will NEVER be less than -1. You would need -2 arrows... how can you ever have negative arrows? Just set it to buy new ones if you're below 200.
The food thing probably works because wRobot automatically buys food, if it's available at a vendor that it's using during normal ToTown run.

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