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Tutorials - *English Voice


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Hey guys, I will Currently Be Working on a List of Tutorials, That i will get at slowly over time. I have the First Video Here which is


Getting the Bot downloaded, Setup and installed as well as go through a slight rundown of installation

and setting up wow into 32 bit mode.


I hope you enjoy = )


#1 ) Download and Installation / Wow 32 Bit setup




#2) Bot Features Windows / application rundown * NOT RELEASED

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And if an update comes out, I don't have an issue making a new video. Trial key was just used as example. Wasn't going to use my saved key as someone could then use it haha. I will use my key when I go into the bot and start trying to go more in depth.

And if you would like a text related guide just lemme know and ill write one up underneath the video link :)
--- ^


I guess a question, How would you use trial for avoid ban or hide character name.... lol




NVM !!! BLONDE MOMENT ! LOL ! You Mean like WOW Trial HAhahahah ! ---------^


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