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How to train spell at class trainer


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I am trying to build my Quester bot for the first few levels to train spells as the character levels. To help me get started I'm trying to take this snippet: https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/2681-snippets-codes-for-quest-profiles/?do=findComment&comment=13536

As I'm pretty new, I'm Using the Easy Quests Editor. In this case, I'm trying to get a Level 3 Warrior to train Battle Shout.

In the image "Battle-Shout-2-twinstar" you can see how I'm researching the spellID. (In the image "Battle-shout-1" you can see that I got a long list of ID's from the Helper Tools and decided I needed to make sure I had the right rank.)

Next, In my Quest editor I'm setting the "Is complete condition" value. I'm using the snippet I got from the XML file in the forum post "Snippets codes for quest profiles", and replacing "local id = 2018" with "local id = 6673". So the value of my Is complete condition is "return Lua.LuaDoString<bool>("local id = 6673; local skillType, spellId = GetSpellBookItemInfo(GetSpellInfo(id)); return id == spellId");" as you can see in the image "Battle-Shout-3-complete-condition."

My primary concern is that when the Quester bot is running then once this step is reached in the Quests order this error message is spammed on the screen: "attempt to call global 'GetSpellBookItemInfo' (a nil value)". See Battle-Shout-4-ingame-error. 

Thanks so much for your help!





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Hello, GetSpellBookItemInfo seem added in Wow 4.0.1.


local id = 6673; 
local nSearch = GetSpellInfo(id);

if nSearch then
    local i = 1
    while true do
       local spellName, spellRank = GetSpellName(i, BOOKTYPE_SPELL)
       if not spellName then break end
       if nSearch == spellName then
          return true;
       i = i + 1
return false;


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If you want to know if you know a spell, you can call GetSpellInfo("name"). It will only resolve the spell by name, if it's in your spell book and otherwise return nil. 
The function was added to Lua in TBC.

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