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Relogger Not Handling Multiple Profiles


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I've been using relogger a lot and love it, it's amazing how powerful of a tool it is.

I just have one problem - It does not handle multiple quester profiles. For instance, If half of my characters are told to run with Bambo's 1-60 Quester and the other half with Bambo's TBC Grinder (which is also a quester profile) then it's likely that all the characters will just use the TBCGrinder profile.

Anyone know anything about this? @Droidz

My next step would be to add a "change profile" at the start of each character, but that's very tedious when you have a lot of characters...


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Running 8 accounts at once.

4 on one profile,

4 are told to run a different profile.

all 8 run the same profile.


I can run 4 on 1-60 Quester and 4 on Bloodelf Quester, but the 4 on blood elf quester will say they lunched Blood Elf Quester, Wrobot will show Blood Elf quester selected under profile settings, but the profile that is being run is actually 1-60Quester/another profile. Looking in the log, I can see that despite Blood Elf quester being selected, the profile being run is 1-60 Quester.

This happens no matter which profiles I try and run simultaneously on the same device.

Did that make a bit more sense?

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Maukor contacted me over discord, we ran some test using a custom profile, and it there was no issue.

It seems that it happens as an interction between @Bambo's profiles and @Andoido's profiles, both with each other's profiles, and with their own different profiles.

If either of the two devs could take a look at it, because it had us stumped :) Thanks!


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