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Abilities Being Used Out Of Combat


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It's not absolutely game breaking but I'm noticing sometimes my premeditation (adds 2 CP's to a target - usable in stealth), will be cast on the target before combat is engaged.


I have tried the combat only condition and the setting that says 'combat only' as well, neither seem to stop it from being cast.



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The "Combat" detection isn't usefull in all cases. Because of this I select a target in Raids only if i am sure that the fight has startet (or the pullcountdown will be 0). And I wait for the first CP to start the buffs, debuffs etc to be sure, that I am in fight to. It lose (very little) DPS, but I am sure, that I dont pull the boss or that my buffs are running out without an impact

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I suppose I should recreate this thread as a bug then because that's what it essentially is.


@ Networkz - yeah it's a buff, I mean I've tried it as both but neither work. Cheers anyway!


@Bugreporter - Yeah that's what I've been doing. It isn't a huge deal like I said but perhaps it can be fixed in future, who knows.

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