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freezes when using function "for friends"

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Hello, whenever i try to use the function for friend in a fight class i have game freezes just before it starts casting.

I tried with a simple fight class casting Flash Heal on party members if health < 100 and each time i use life tap on the party member the game always freezes for 1sec before it starts casting.

Is there a way to get rid of that game freeze ?


thanks in advance !

Heres a video to illustrate what i am saying.

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Same here, also if bot running for big amount time, these lags become more  often and eventually hang bot. Seems like that lags only happened with .xml fightclass(or autoconverted to c# with fightclass editor feature). If you wanna get rid of them, do your healing fc in c#, like this, for example


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Hi, for me this only happens when i use that function (for friends), not at all when bot has been running for hours. But i think it could be the same problem.

So the only way to solve this is to learn C# i guess..

However, thanks for answering ?

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