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Running into Walls in BGs


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I am having a problem with three horde side Battlegrounds, WSG, SotA and Twin Peaks.
The general problem is the same, my character just runs into a wall.
WSG: when I respawn, I turn and just run into the west fence and wall of the respawn area. The fence in that area is kinda new so the route news to be reworked.
Twin Peaks: when the game begins I go right into the water and then just run into the deck and if I get around it, I run into the building.
SotA: This one is a mess, I am constantly running into walls and unbroken gates. I had to make this BG one that I do not cue for.

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I've been having the same problem since just after X-mas

well the wall running has always been an issue but prior to this problem i could literally leave my warrior to smash face in pvp for hours with periodic check ins. But now i'm lucky to get 3 BG's complete before i get booted from the game due to blockages.

Have just downloaded and installed SlimDX and also set movement to LUA as i noted in a different post - will monitor for a few hours and get back to you.

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