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Single profile levelling 1-X


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Hey all,


trying my hand at the fabled 1-xxx quester profile.  Im starting with Undead and currently sitting at 1 to 13 with no exp bonus after a night of work and everything seems to be going OK.  

I am aiming for full AFK profile- the attached profile has 3 issues i need some help with.

1. at level 4 ish after turning in NightWebsHollow the NPC for the next quest is invisible (thx blizz..) i found a simple /reload of the UI will make him visable after a few seconds.. need to know how to push a simple /reload command to the game between these 2 steps.

2. At lvl 9 i try to accept WarchiefsCommandSilverpineForest.  that is a big walk for the bot from brill to silverpine and it doesnt seem to like it... he hugs the quest giver and never makes the big walk... been scratching my head for hours and dont know why the bot wont do the walk.

3. similar as number 2.. after doing a few quests in silverpine i try to get the bot to fly to fairbreeze (bloodelf land)... it will open up the flightmaster tab in silverpine, but wont take the flight.. think i might need some c or c# sharp code to tell him to goto flight master and take that damn flight.


At this time the profile works well, i just need to babysit.  i have some time over the holidays to work on it further (hoping to get 1-58 atleast), just want to have these 3 cleaned up.


any help or pointers greatly appreciated 



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Sorry for the delay.

1: The easy way it to add step type "RunMacroLua" and put you code ( /reload ) (you can add after step type wait if reload UI cause problem). Or, you can add step type "RunCode" and use this C# code: 

        System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000 * 15); // Wait 15 sec

2: Do you have try to use quest type "FollowPath" with option "Current quest completed when at the latest position"?

3: You can use this script to get bouton (taxi node) name: http://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/1689-useful-scripts/?do=findComment&comment=8447 , after you can use lua macro "/click TaxiButton11" (replace TaxiButton11 by taxi node name). For use this macro look answer 1.

Thank you for your help and the interest you have for WRobot

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