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Battlegrounder dosent queue

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Hey Droidz!

Tested the Trail Version of the Bot, I am pretty impressed by this Bot so far, glad you decide too make a 3.3.5 Version. Did a Profile with Vendor,MailBox by my own and a Fightclass pretty user friendly.

Just report a Bug,
- The Battleground dosent queue, but if i enter the Battleground and starting Bot in the BG, the bot is working. (Might just because of the different Battleground queue layout in Wrath)

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Its fixed he is queueing now Battleground, but he dosent Join the Battleground Popup if it appears and dosent leave if the Battleground is over.

i actually need to improvise with a silly macro that he is spamming all 10 secs :mellow:

#Macro for joining Battleground##
/click StaticPopup1Button1


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