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Atm i have problems getting use item quest to work i get item id set targets should use a net on and all that. When i run it though the bot skips pulse and goes right to turnin over use item to bring flying mobs down to kill. Also how would one go about setting bot to use boats and portals on the quester?

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Hello, It is this quest: http://www.wowhead.com/quest=11889/death-from-above ?

The quest type "UseItemOn" don't work?

Your code in "Macro when interact" is incorect, use code like: 

local name = GetItemInfo(35278);
RunMacroText("/use " .. name);

(I don't recommand to use /tar, it is not multilanguage, but if you want use it use this code: RunMacroText("/tar Reinforced Net");  )

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Was my best try early in morning ok well that helps and yes I've moved on to northend profiles work then probably going to back track. just wasn't sure what i needed to put in there.

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