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Very need few new options

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When you play on private server you always meet lot of bugs. On my server mobs sometimes fall under textures, bot see him and try to kill, but cant. Bot can run around for hours, its a very ban danger situation.

So option one i ask to add is Move back from target. Sometimes enough to make few steps back, and bugged mob jump from texture, and can be killed.

Option two is Maximum combat time, for situations when mob absolutley bugged, bot check this timer, if bot in combat more than this value he just run to another target.

Thanks for attention and sory for my english.

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hahahah thats not exclusive to private servers there mate- retail as well.  It seems blizz actually spawns mobs in terrain, possibly as a bot detection as no human player could pick it up.


i agree though, a configurable  'max engage time' for a single mob (not a mod ID#) would be cool... would be difficult for the devs to program as it would need to over-ride a lot of what the bot does.


Alternatively you can just blacklist the zone where mobs are bugged you can get around it in the mean-time.

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