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Holly priest


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5 hours ago, saleh said:

can u please Explain :)


Its the kind of skill you would use at a specific time during an encounter, aka when you expect everyone to take heavy AOE damage.  Using it on a 3 minute timer no matter what the scenario may bring forth concern from your party members. 


Anyway- the problem you are having is likely due to the AOE targeting- here is a screenshot from my Shaman flighclass, this is how I target healing rain ability.  Change the spell name and those 3 highlighted options and it should work.

I do have a 100 disc priest to test on.  If you cant get it to work attach a copy and i will have a test.



On 12/03/2016 at 11:52 PM, saleh said:

Please advice

IT slang for:  I dont know how it works, i dont know what it does, i need someone to fix it, that someone is you.


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