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A few questions for succesful wotlk botters

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Hey guys,

After testing out the trial I am seriously considering buying this bot. Before I pull the trigger though I'm hoping to get some feedback from people who have successfully botted to 80 and what their experience was like. A few concerns I have is the limited number of profiles and fight classes available. I do plan on contributing by creating profiles/fight classes if I buy the bot, but at first I'd like to just press go and let it do it's thing.



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I've botted 3 chars to 80 on 1x rate and 5 to 60. There really isn't big issues before getting to 70+ because then it starts to take 15hours++/lvl. 

The amount of profiles is low because there is maybe 5 wotlk players who actually release profiles including me

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Ok, I got an account on warmane and when making an new char, it was already level 80.

When I try to make a new one, I get an character create error.

How can you level up a charcater ?

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Nah. The create error concurs because of the wod models. They arent implemented completely, mostly some hair is missing and undead textures. But its these files that cause an error when creating a character and they can also cause crashes ingame. So either you might use the old textures by renaming/deleting  "Mainfolder/Data/enUS/patch-enUS-w.mpq" and "mainfolder/data/patch-w.mpq or live with that you cant use every hairstyle and a few missing face features. I chose the latter, cant stand the old faces anymore.

As WoW only could adress 2gb of ram back in the days, you want to install Large Address Aware on the wow.exe, it enables usage of more ram. Its allowed and i havent had a crash with it. Also there is a patchfile from Cataclysm, which brings the updated water to Wotlk. Put it in the Data folder, i attached the file. Lordaeron is really nice, and really stable/bugfree, atleast not more than on retail. Have fun. :)


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