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Hello NEW USERS! Looking to buy WRobot? And join us this community! :)

Why WRobot?

Well, WRobot is a bot for World of Warcraft as you might have already guessed! one of the best and USER friendly out there! Everyone can use it! even my 10 year old son!

CLICK HERE - >MmoRobot

This sofware all in one has a bot for:

- Gathering (minerals/herbs)

- Battleground (gain honor points, you can combine this bot with the other bots during queue)

- Archaeologist

- Grinding (increment your levels, loots mobs)

- Pets battles

- Fishing (fisher bot and school of fish)

- Party (help group leader to fight mob or heal) (100% free for use*)

-WRotation (rotation bot) (100% free for use*)

TRIAL VERSION available*

and others small features to assist you in WoW

Low Memory and CPU Usage.

+ MORE - Can be configured and do things that you want it to do!


Over 300k gold farmed in a couple of weeks of my first purchase!


3 Toons at Level 90 in just a couple of week too with full PVP Epic gear!


Best Rep farming bot ever! took me 2 days to get exalted with both Cloud serpent and the Tillers!


Maxed out 5 professions in just a couple of days! on all 3 toons!


The fishing bot utility inside the bot made me achieve what I had tried in years with no luck! PROBLEM SOLVED!

All that long grinding fishing? Gone!




Pet battle utility is one of the best not only levels your pets fast but also capable of capturing ( RARES ONLY )

Getting rare mounts? Never been easier!


Take your chance while the WRobot is still cheap at small fee's starting from 4.50 eu a month!

CLICK HERE - > MmoRobot

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Cheers guys! so much more to add! Just gave in some achievements this bot has given me the past few months! WHAT AN INVESTMENT this was!

If you know where to put the bot and what to farm gold gain is insane!

Vanity items! Mounts and all the good stuff!

All thanks to Wrobot! :)

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Looking forward to playingnaked's "How to progress guide" :)

I found out yesterday that Pet Battle profile is a very nice way to get your 90 lesser charms each week to get mogus.

Simply take 3 lvl1 pets and use Elwynn profile for 2 hours and you are done before you hit the raids.

Each week you can take 3 new lvl1 pets and repeat.

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can you share the profiles u used?

littile by littile i do share some from time to time, if you want to request any profile.

Msg me you will have the best of best for the stuff mentioned above but they wont go public for now.

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Not to mention that I currently pay for 2 WoW accounts with in game gold.

It's cheaper to buy a subscription to WRobot and have all the freedom I would like when buying things than to pay for the game outright.

More time to play, pvp, raid. > gathering, grinding professions, gold farming.

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Hello, i got perma ban from another bot so i wanna try this one, i have a few questions.. i purly wanna use it for rotation PVE/PVE is it good? is the bot safe? there were any bans?

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Sorry, i dont speak english.

Only for Russian community:

Наитупейший бот! Профилей нет, нет совсем... Классовые рутины не обновляются по году, новые не пишутся! Создатель бота не делает ничего, чтобы привлечь людей к написанию профилей и рутин. Если бадитим в свое время привлекали за деньги (кик, туанха и пр.) то тут ума на это не хватает, ну или алчность зашкаливает.

Бесит его тупизна, ужасно бесит! В настройках отключен чекбокс "атаковать если был атакован", нет же сука, он на каждого моба агрится. Бесит! Создатель только снимает денюжку, до остального ему похуй. На все вопросы про "А где же квест профили на Орду 90-100? Ответ один: идите нахуй! Есть гринд бот, есть какой то автоматон... Пиздец короче, а не бот. С таким подходом к бизнесу, у этого бота нет будущего.

Купил, блять, и 150 раз пожалел!

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Just wanna say while this bot still has a few bugs like the blacklisting of mobs. It is absolutely awesome for making profiles. It takes a minute to make a basic farming profile which is amazing

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