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New "Script" node in quester profiles


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1. how i can put filename instead of code?

2. its possible to put multiple .cs in that node? to attach multiple .cs

3. path relative to "Quester" folder or script ?

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ok. here some discovered information

  • you can attach only one external .cs file (see below)
  • path relative to WRobot\Profiles\Quester\
  • you cannot use code/classes/methods from Script in profile Steps (see test.xml). Only in Quests Editor: inside pulse, or full C# or conditions
  • static constructor started before product start, this mean you can adjust currentSettings to avoid some strange behaviours. example: http://wrobot.eu/bugtracker/no-gather-skill-or-skinning-in-mass-battle-areas-r634/




camelot10\Libs\Tester.cs, camelot10\Libs\Camper.cs




Constructor starts before product

17:18:22 - [TESTER] contstructor
17:18:23 - [Quester] Started


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Path is relative to "\WRobot\Profiles\Quester\"

If you want to use external file(s) (because you can put c# code directly in the profile), you can load multiple c# files (since today update), put one file by line.

I have added this feature for mainly for two reason:

1: You can use classes, methods, variables of your codes in the "quests order" (steps), and in your quests (also from your quests settings like "Is Complete Condition").

2: You can run code before than WRobot start (before default WRobot states like Farming, IsAttacked, Looting, Resurrect,...) (useful to change wrobot settings).


Sample of use: test.zip

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