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Help setting "totown" destination in grinder

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Been trying to make a grinder profile for Silithus, but the bot absolutely refuses to go to the town in silithus to vendor/repair, and instead starts running through un'goro crater >.<

I tried adding the vendor both to the profile and to the bot itself, but it still tries to run through un'goro.

Is there a tutorial on how to get this to work properly?



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For anyone still reading: Had to disable all other vendors in the NPC database in Tools. He was choosing literally anyone else but the one I wanted him to go to.

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Clear your "NPC DB" (tab tools).

Add NPC in your profile.

In advanced general settings tab "Other..." uncheck all options "Add NPCs ..."

You can also run this code

wManager.Wow.Helpers.NpcDB.AcceptOnlyProfileNpc = true;


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I would advise against using the vendor in Silithus. I wanted to use the repair vendor in the city that is next to a broken cart. The bot tries to path to him, however it does not see the cart so it gets stuck in it. Seeing this the middle of town and i have seen more than 10 level 60 in it at one point i advise against it.

The bot also tries to talk with the flight master in the city but cant reach it, resulting in the character wall banging.

IMO the town in Silithus needs custom mesh.

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Seems like it's pretty common problem with bad meshes near the vendor. For example, Warsong gulch vendors (the horde one) totally broken as well. There are like 20 different ways for bot to stuck there.

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