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Bot stuck at selling + pull bugs

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I got two issues.

First one is that my Mage (and only the mage) gets stuck at vendorruns. He just keeps selling and selling and selling... He doesnt care that his inventory is empty he just keeps selling and tries it over and over again till i stop the bot. Free bag slots were about ~50 so this shouldnt be the problem (min free bagslots is set to 2) and every item left in his inventory was whitelisted.  

Log is attached.

Second issue is that i wanted to know if there is a way to avoid pulling mobs if the bot is infight or the mob is surrounded by more mobs which results in a multipull and death. 


Bugged Sell.html

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NPC have repair option and i have money for repair.

If i click the repair button by hand bot is done with the vendor and continues the profile.


EDIT: Deleted any settings for the character, didnt help.

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