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WRobot goes straight to target when spotting a node

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I'm currently trying out WRobot to see if it fits my needs. I was able to find a Combat Routine for feral druid somewhere online, and also some herb/mining profiles. 

Now, WRobot is basicly doing a fine job, but as soon as the bot detects an ore node or a heb, it flies directly towards it, in a straight line. More than often does this lead to problems, for example if there's a hill/mountain between my char and the target. Or a tree, or whatever. 

I can't imagine other people don't encounter these problems as well, does anyone know a fix for this?

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I am currently re-installing some old PC I had lying around, installing Windows 10 on it to try your fix you posted here: 



I will try that fix and will also try the option 'Use lua to move', and see what happens! 

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