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druid faire fire


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hello I'm trying to figure out how to make this faire fire work in my fight class.

I have it at priority 1 right now to try to get it working, I've tried without conditions and I've tried with Target buff by me.. cant get it cast the spell though.

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write this in the empty box in your fight class, above "Add spell"

then click Add spell

RunMacroText("/cast Faerie Fire (Feral)(Rank 5)")


Change the rank number based on whatever rank you have. From options, put "Timer : 6100 " which is means the CD is 6 seconds, and "Combat only = False"

Add conditions:

+Target Buff

Name: Faerie Fire (Feral)


+ Buff

Name: Cat form

NOTE: :If you want it to work on another form, Create another exact spell and conditions except change the name on the buff.

+Target Distance

Smaller or Equal to 30

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