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Bot does not use Flightmaster

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im wondering a bit. The bot always runs from Ashenvale to the Barrens instead of taking the flightmaster. "Use Flight Master" is enabled. I can start it right beside the flightmaster and it starts running a retarded way.

Same happens also when inside the same zone. Crossroads to Camp Taurajo as example. 

Any ideas why?

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same problem here. im looking for solution since then.

here are some facts u may wanna check:

-wrobot, main quester - product settings "easy profiles creator". In creator u go tools "helper tools".

target Flightmaster ingame, then in creator  "target npc info"

then u go wrobot-tools-taxi database here u can campare values now with each FM


if u use npc in profile u want to travel to.  u wanna check if bot is able to fly to them.

-go to "easy profiles creator" - load your profile- tools- "npc quest giver editor"/ Vendor....


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