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Human voidwalker quest not working

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I tried many things and cant get the quest to work, now it only picks it up and doesnt do anything.

Going to human wlock trainer in stormwind is really buggy and bot always gets stuck, is why I want it to follow the path I made.

Any ideas?

Id share the log file but it doesnt really show anything, I think someone can maybe figure out whats wrong from just the quest file itself?

human warlock vwquest.xml

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Get rid of the pulse of 'GakinsSummon" IMO...

Its a simple " to talk to xyz quest" so all you need to do is pick up from giver and turn in.

**IF** you need to follow a path - "      <NotRequiredInQuestLog>false</NotRequiredInQuestLog>"

Set that to true.   you may want to add some "ifhasquest" pulses before so each time you start the bot it doesn't loop back and run the path EVERY time.

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