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Turn off any movement

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Good day. Is there any way to completley turn off any bot movement and then turn it on again?
I'm looking for solution to turn off any movements, make a custom path of MoveTo steps, and when we are there (where we have to be after MoveTo), turn the movement back on, so the bot may continue his path.

Thank you in advance for any ideas.

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What do you mean by "any bot movement".

How will it follow the MoveTo Steps, if it can't move? Or do you mean the Pathfinder? If you meant the Pathfinder,  create a FollowPath Quest. Or did I misunderstand you?

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Yes, unfortunately this will not work.
Sometimes bot is following path that you can't control. Going to vendor, going to trainer, going from a graveyard.
And you can't do anything about it from the profile, because when he did so, he totally ignores the profile.

For example, while doing one of this run he is constantley stuck. I want to check if he is near that stuck point, and if true, stop his run, move alittle by using MoveTo code (or any othe code) and then turn his run back on. Something like that.

I have already tried offmesh, it's totally useless.
I have tried to use ~ 80 black spots to crate full 3 d model of all the walls in that corner where he stuck. It did nothing, he still trying to run trugh the wall.

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I had similiar issues with the pathing where the bot took a working but rather unusual path (followed exactly the outline of a house...). Maybe a solution like @Droidz suggested could work for you aswell. Grab the point which the bot tries to use and overwrite it with a working point. Just add the snippet at the beginning of your profile within a RunCode block.


Else you could try what @Matenia suggested and add a FollowPath step. Sadly this solution won't fit for any problem as you can't interrupt a running step. If you get stuck within a step the approach of @Droidz could work tho. If its a transition like get from A to B FollowPath does its job. If your FollowPath starts at a accessible location the bot can even move to the starting line without any issues. (Tick the "force start at beginning" in the profile editor)

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Thank you for the reply. That type of code is the next thing. I'm trying to use right now. Have you tryed it yourselve? I have a problem with figuring out the coordinates of the spot wich bot is trying to move to (through the wall). I can see where he is trying to move but don't know the exact coordinates of that spot that i need to replace. How do you get it?

I have already asked this question here:

But got not answer.


About Follow Path. It will not work. There is no type of code or path, that you can create an inside the profile that will work when you are dead. Especially if you were dead already when bot loged in. Except blacklist and offmech, and i have tryed it both.

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I usually get them via either with development tools or the helper tools in the profile editor. But dunno if it is what you're looking for...to get the spot you have to stand ontop of the point and hit the "my position" or similiar to get your current position...

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