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Relogging Problems (Elysium)

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Hey there,

my problem is that the bot is not able to get back into game after receiving a connection loss to server.

he is trying a hundred times to connect to the server again, but it only works if you get back to login screen or close the game and restart it.

is it possible to tell the bot before trying to relog kill the game and restart it?

i hope its possible to understand what my problem is


Best Regards


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Just now, Droidz said:

Hello, use relogger application

i do, and he does relogg.... the problem is that the server is still down but shown as online... so he trys unlimited times to connect and is captured in that progress..

if the server is back online its still impossible to connect, only if you get back to login screen again or close and restart the game


thanks for help

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5 minutes ago, Droidz said:

relogger app will restart the game

u mean the relogger which is intergrated in the bot and can be activated in "advanced settings"

for me he is not restarting the game like is said he is captured in an endless process....

maybe its possible to tell the bot "try to relog after 10 minutes" or something?

thanks for the fast answers but i still need help, like u see im a newbie :( :D


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