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My Game Freezes Until I Stop Bot

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This is the error I keep getting and it's ONLY on 1 out of 3 profiles, it's my priest that i'm running. I've even tried started it first, or last to see if it had to do with how many bots i'm running. I've done literally everything on the "repair" post, all those steps..

All my bots run fine, but my priests WoW game just freezes..and when I click on the game it whites out like it's a windows thing and trying to load. As soon as I go the WRobot running the priest and hit stop, the game unfreezes right away.  

[E] 08:42:39 - mainWindowHandle = 4786146, key = W

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When you say profiles, I presume you mean fightclasses. If it is a paid fightclass you downloaded you should try contacting the author, if free, post which one! If you created it yourself it's likely something you added.

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I responded to this yesterday. This is not the complete error message, so I can only guess - but I'm not going into great detail like I did yesterday.
Enable Lua to move or start wRobot with "No Frame Lock" option. Either should hopefully work.
The problem is that wRobot sends keybinds to the client while while the frame is locked. This causes a deadlock. If you use any of my fightclasses, they all automatically enable Lua to move - you can disable framelock in the settings.
If you profile disables Lua to move (first step) in quester as RunCode, for example) this could be the cause. 

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