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Party bot gets confused when mob attacked outside of its range


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I have a mage on party mode to follow my warrior

Mage is set to engage targets in combat, and assist party members

I have set the follow distance for the mage to follow warrior quite large (30-40) as going closer looks artificial (bot stands on top of other)

Once the warrior goes in combat, the mage spams the log as below 20-30 times, and looks to be shutter stepping between moving closer to the warrior and to the mob

14:57:06 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Mob (level 20)
14:57:07 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Mob (level 20)
14:57:08 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Mob (level 20)

Then suddenly when the mob is around 50% hp, the bot wakes up, mobes to the mob and engages perfectly

It seems to work better (but not flawlessly) if the mob is in range of the mage once engaged and it does not need to move to get there - it does still spam the log though

I've played around with most settings, but it seems the logic of "If warrior engages a target, then close distance to mob mob and attack" like it does when grinding is not working as intended in party mode

Is this a known issue/setting I missed?



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