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Fixing a specific Vendor

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Hey Guys, 


i´m a novice at botting and just create some basic grinder to lvl up my chars to 60 and get some gold.

My problem is  that in alsmost every grinder i create the bot doesn´t care which vendor or repair  i set under the  "Npc" column.

He just skips them and walks from EPL to Tarrens Mill and dies there... he is an alliance character. 

Ohh and yeah, my bot likes to skip the flightmasters to, but thats not the importent issue right now, 

look forward to your response and maybe some help.


Best regards 


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You can try to close WRobot, remove file "WRobot\Data\NpcDB.xml", launch WRobot and go to tab "General Settings" > "advanced general settings..." > tab "Others options" > disable all option in "Automatically add  nearest NPCs...". Now add in your profile (or in tab "Tools" > "Npc DB") vendor and repair

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