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How is botting at tauri

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sometimes back people kept saying tauri is better than warmane.

i just tried to play on it and i dont like it. x1 xp on main server. pop is lower than warmane (like 400 online on average)

max ilvl is less than 500. 


I've moved on to freakz. not botting (yet) thou. it looks good.

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Tauri is the best MOP server out there.

Months ago, no ban mainly because this was not a priority for the devs and they even claim that on forum and mail (in game).

At this moment, i can't tell you if the devs change their mind.

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On 18.2.2018 at 11:42 PM, Mike-Mail said:

Ive never heard of the server tbh, sound like a shit one tho.

Tauri is lightyears ahead of Warmane in terms of quality. They've had cross-realm dungeons and battlegrounds forever, so even if you play on the small English server, you can still face people from the high pop servers in BGs.
Only problem is they recently moved to MoP and don't have all endgame content

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I'm hurt Tauri is the best mop out there, just to tight nit for me to find a new 10 man NA raid group on evermoon.I have no idea why would waste time on wow freaks unless can't handle working raids, dungeons, scenarios and in general scripted content. Other note botting is easy there just use plugins like combat reset and you'll be fine.

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