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I'm new member and i'd like to try WRobot before buying the software, for that i'd like to download a gatherer profil but when i try to do that i get the following error:

Sorry, there is a problem
You are not allowed to download that file.
Error code: 1D161/3

Can you explain me, the steps to get the download authorization.

Thanks you in advance

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To download files (profiles/fightclasses) of WRobot for official wow servers you need active WRobot subscription on your WRobot account (no restriction for WRobot files for server private).

Kind regards

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You cannot use any profiles before at least purchasing a 3 day license. I'm not really sure how you would test the bot without one either.
If you intend to use the trial version - that only applies to private servers and you CAN download profiles for private servers in their respective section.

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