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Grinder “failed to start”

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So I’m new to this bit after using another bit in retail for years.  I purchased the vanilla private server bot and also purchased a grinder profile and placed it in the profil folder.  I am able to select the profile as well as I have a working fight profile but I get the message “grinder failed to start” and it sits there.  The only bots I can get to work is the automation bot and quester bot but I need a fresh character for that to be efficient with the profiles I find.  Any help with this grinder bot would be appreciated!

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Most of the large "grinder" files here are actually written on the wrobot quest base, not grinder base.  Make sure you are loading the profile with the correct product, the profile description in most cases tells you what you need to do.

I sometimes get "failed to start" when loading file... usually i re-launch the client and it works second time around.

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This is the error you get when you load a quest file in grinder mode. Can you please load it in quest mode and update the log? 

] 14:13:27 - Grinder > Bot > Bot > Pulse(): System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Grinder.Bot.Fuipuofokoelao.Efiuvoanuq()

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