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CPU Usage not only high but inconsistent

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Hey guys, Hey Droidz,


unfortunately I still have huge CPU problems. I already reinstalled the wrobot many times. After a reinstall it seems to be working better. But now after a few days it is pure Horror again.

I can run about 6 instances. It is really choppy already but it works. Anything more and I risk my CPU exploding. A few days ago I botted with 8 sessions with waaay better performance.


I am using the "Low Cpu Usage Vanilla" plugin. I am helpless guys. This is no fun. 

Even if I wanted to I would NEVER pay the plan for 10 wrobot sessions because I simply can not get them to work well without my cpu constantly hitting 100%...

I am really clueless... Some people say they do not have problems at all. Some people's PC crack down under 2 Wrobot Instances.

For anyone who is interested:

CPU: I7 6700HQ 

GP:U: GTX1060

RAM: 16Gigs

This really is destroying my Wrobot experience since I am looking to be a mass botter. Droidz plx fix xD


EDIT: Yes i tried No Framelock.exe or No DX.exe...

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reduced it to 4 active sessions, now it is performance wise really fluent.


from 9 sessions down to 4... i am so upset right now xD

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