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same fighting class:

It backs off, but doesn't turn around (or does that slowly while trying to shoot) and tries to shoot. Looks very fishy from other person perspective. And since its a hunter range management is very useful, i don't want to remove it ? Sometimes pet kills mob before hunter turns around.....I disabled addons when i had other issues, and now only this issue left. (strangely enough addon that was cousing problems somehow helped with rangemanager, it worked better for sure). Any ideas?

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So what's your problem with it? It starts facing the mob, the rangemanger initiates because your pet has aggro and your bot runs away from the mob until its far enough for it to be able to use ranged attacks again, then it turns and continues attacking. Are you saying after it's run away it does NOT turn around and is now facing away from the mob?

Edit: You can also add further conditions to the rangemanager so that it doesn't run away if the mob is below a certain amount of HP.

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Its very strange, sometimes it works ok just like it should i guess, but sometimes yes, i does not turn around and is facing away from mob trying to shoot (looks like stuck on nothing if anyone else sees the bot). Ill try to add that HP condition.

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