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wrobot not buying good amount of food

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Greetings community,

Today I experienced strange Wrobot reactions..

I have set wrobot to buy 100x of [specific food] and its not doing it good, no metter what I put in "food amount" it will buy only 55x [specific food] instead of 100.

Any suggestions?

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Decompile wManager.dll


Vendor.BuyItem(wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.FoodName, 1);
Vendor.BuyItem(wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.DrinkName, 1);

Vendor.BuyItem(wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.FoodName, 4);
Vendor.BuyItem(wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.DrinkName, 4);

Recompile. Do this every wRobot update or wait for @Droidz to fix the loop that only goes for(var i=0; i < 10; i++), all he has to do is set it to 20 or 30.

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