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distance to party member

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loving the bot, working great!

So heres what i cant figure out myself: I want to team up a priest with a warrior and make them grind together - fight classes i made work well with each other (I let them both run on a quester profile, no "party" botting involved)

However of course sometimes they run to diffrent mobs and leave each others side for a while before being back to grinding together

So heres my question: Is it possbile to have them grind together other than the "help party members" option? anything i can set up to make it happen instead of using the party bot (i couldnt figure out the fight classes for that to make it work well)



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No simple way that I can think of ? 

You'd probably want a small plugin that checks how far your other char is and if the distance gets too high, stop any fight with the current target (or finish it first) and run to your party member. The problem is you're likely wanting to do this on northdale with the unit view distance being quite low (probably for performance reasons) so you'd have to make the range quite low. 

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I tried using all kinds of tricks like only letting the priest loot to give the warr time to pull the next mob, changed the distance to recognize mobs, used spirit/reg heavy stats and skills so they dont fall apart regenerating and so on, doesnt really work overly well but if its a profile where mobs are lined up instead of being spread out alot it works fine. not a very techincal solution but its ok ?

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