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Cant figure out how to eat and drink, keep dyin

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21 hours ago, Monkeylimits said:

just to update it worked perfect and i totally get what u were saying @Droidz lovin the past 3 4 days now. been a breeze for me. any good horde scripts (paid) u would recommend? ive been using Eenys Vanilla of late. 

Currently there is only eenys and mailus grinder. Not alot of variety. If you want, you can buy a horde quester profile. But I really recommend sticking to grinders, since all horde profiles are not polished.

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Thanks @Bambo i appreciate the advice. ive noticed as well the grinders are alot more fluid and not as buggy as the quester but just to have a filled lookin profile if they look me up i like to do questers when im monitoring it so i have some type of rep and quest completion on account

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