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  1. Ho, didn't see it, my bad. Thanks !
  2. Hello, to handle the combat bug that happend sometime when the bot is running for a long time, i decided to find a way to avoid it or deal with it constantly. Since some spell like the hunter's feign death or the mage's invisibility can cancel the combat bug, i tried to setup those spell in fight class with the "Me in combat = true" and the "unit attack player near: nb=0, rd=10, type=equal" conditions. Unfortunately, the bot seems to not use the fight class in a combat bug situation. So, to cast those spell, i want to setup them to be used x second after a fight start. Is there a way i can setup that using a C# condition or do i have to make a plugin for that ?
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Hey, This is a basic warlock destruction fight class. It handle the basic spell and work with the basic grinder/gatherer profile, the battleground work fine too. What does it do: Apply Fel armor Use Demon soul on cooldown Use Soul fire whenever it's overlayed and keep the "improved soul fire" buff on yourself Keep Bane of doom on target Keep corruption on target Use conflagrate whenever it's possible Keep immolate on the target Use chaos bolt when no dots refresh are needed Use Incinerate when no dots refresh are needed and when chaos bolt is on cooldown I havn't test it on a hight stuff warlock, feel free to post the dps you get so i can improve the fight class in case it's too low
  4. craine

    Arcane mage 4.3.4

    Version 0.2


    Hey, This is a basic arcane mage fight class. It don't do a lot but it work for basic grinder/gathering profile. This fight class was tested on a 398 troll mage with about 16k dps on training doll. This fight class actually only use: Mage armor arcane missiles arcane barrage mirror image flame orb arcane blast Ice block The berserking is implented but i didn't test it so it might not work, in case you don't play a troll, you can turn berserking off in the options. The counterspell and the Spellsteal are in the profile but i didn't test them at all. Big cd like evocation, arcane power and time warp don't curently work, i will work on them as soon as possible.
  5. craine

    Add/remove automaton target with C#

    Alright, after hours of try and thanks to your help, i managed to get a part of the result i wanted. I'm now able to start extra thread using an ingame command setup by the party chat plugin. It result in a easy way to switch from one products to another with some basics settings. example: i started the bot with wRotation and switch the bot to the automaton products with a "switch" command in game. new Thread(() => { robotManager.Products.Products.ProductStop(); robotManager.Products.Products.LoadProducts("automaton"); Thread.Sleep(200); Automaton.Bot.AutomatonSetting.CurrentSetting.ObjectNpcHarvest = "\n the entity to farm \n"; Thread.Sleep(200); robotManager.Products.Products.ProductStart(); }).Start(); Unfortunately, i'm not able to stop the thread once it's started wich is... annoying. i looked up at your thread manager from this post but i don't realy understand how it work and how you are able to abort thread once they are started. If i give a name to that thread is it possible to abort it with another command or with the manual stop button ? The second thing that miss in that command is a target, i may be blind but i didn't find anything in the api to get the in game target as a string. Any ideas ? Thanks for your help, it realy matters with my low level in C#
  6. craine

    Add/remove automaton target with C#

    The thing is, i try to create a system that make the bot user able to play the game while being assisted by the bot (like wRotation but with more bot part). For that, i use the party chat plugin from droidz to get input from the user to the bot. One of the assissted part will be a macro that start the bot with the automaton product to farm the entity the user targeted while using the macro. Since automaton don't use a profile i wonder how i can manage all the entity the bot will farm. The best case scenario would be a C# methods triggered by a command in game that add the current target to the list and restart the bot (or something like that). After some research i didn't found anything like that in the api. I'm not sure if i could use a new thread to setup a new automaton and get the target in game, it would be way more dificult to do.
  7. Hello, Is there a way to add/remove a character target in the automaton "npc to kill" list using a C# line ? If yes, does the bot have to be stopped or can i add the target then restart it ?
  8. mmmm i understand what you mean but it might be a bit hard to achive for my level, i'll look into it and try some things with a new thread to learn how that work.
  9. Hello again, did you miss me ? Anyway. I recently began to mess up with the party chat command plugin from droidz, to study the way the bot can work with user input from the game itself. It turned out the bot can do a crazy tons of things with this plugins. So i began making a quest profile that use the custom commands to make the bot do simple things like grind a mob or gather some stuff around him. With this system, the player can play his character while being assissted by the bot. example: "go take out thoses bunnies around my farm" - NPC - just target a bunny, use a macro, and the bot will grind the bunnies as long has the user tell him to stop. The problem is... is it possible to change the profile or change a specific settings while the bot is running ? If i use the automaton to grind bunnies, i need to set the bunnies as the mobs to kill. I was thinking of use the grinder and create a profile everytime you use the farm command then restart the bot but it might cause trouble to users with low performanc pc. Do you guys have any idea ?
  10. Hey, back on wRobot again ! Is there the possibility in c# to get the position of a target/npc/gameobject as a vector for the pathfinder ? Something like: lua.RunMactroText("/tar NPC"); Vector3 NPC = wManager.Wow.Bot.Whatever.GetTargetPosition(); wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc(NPC, XXXXX, 0, false); Or something that can have the same effect. It's useful for npc that spawn right behind you or after you interact with a mob. Any ideas ?
  11. Hello ! Firstly, if you are busy by another subject you should finish it and then go back here, because it's LONG. Since i buy wRobot and spend some time in my first quester profiles, i realise that the bot is pretty hard to use at the begining. Let me explain, i tried to make a quester file for my daily quest and it quickly turn from a basic quest file (with pickup, pulse, turnin) to a giant pile of RunCode that doing a specific action (just look at it)(TO ALL DEVELOPER: do not look in details if you don't wanna have a heart attack). I'm fine with it ! Mostly because i like the way of how RunCode work but i also have some time to spend so, why not ! I just wonder how a casual customer that just want to have a bot to make his mage or his priest level 100 react when he see that whenever a file he download on the website fail to run and he cannot fix it himself because he don't understand anything of what is behind his file. And, if this casual customer react like "F*ck it, i will do my own quester profile because all the others find a way to f*cked up my character" he will quicky hit the limite of the possibilities for quest profiles with only the Easy profiles creator (and not using any RunCode or anything that need basics in developement). So, i think the easy profiles creator should be more "easy". Why not make a All in one windows with a step by step guide with message box like: "Take the quest you want then press OK" (Meanwhile, you get the id of the quest and with the "complet quest info by id" you indentify it) "Target the Npc that give your quest then press OK" (Meanwhile, you get the NPC that give the quest and maybe later you do the same for the turnin of the quest) "Press OK then go on the area the quest need you to" (Meanwhile, you record the path he used, so you are sure the pathfinder won't make mistakes) "Kill/Gather/Grind (Or anything else) what you need for the quest" (Meanwhile, you record: What mob id he killed and how much. What Game object he interact with and where they were...) "Press OK then go back on the npc to finish the quest" (Same thing, record the path back to the npc) "Target the NPC that will Redeem you for the quest then click OK" (Get the Id of the NPC/GameObject) "Congratulations, the quest has been recorded !" I'm sure there is a way (exept or lore quest that switch you between expansion) to level up only with those easy recorded quest. It will be simple for new users to use the bot. BUT, it could be awesome if some simple button like: "New step -> record path" (Just record the path and do it when trigger, instead of go to helper tool, do the path, copy the path, put some loop because if not it go straight to the next step), "Class helper" (a little windows that show you all class/method available and there sentences instead of searching on the website a subject that talk about it (they are so rarely) or instead of using a decompiler), "Test step" (the bot run only the selected step, so you don't have to unmark all the steps boxes) Just some simple thing like that, it save so much time when you just begin. I understand that it's maybe too much thing to ask, it's mostly some idea that could be nice. Let me know your opinion about the limit of wRobot for casual and the idea that could make it even better ! Ho, and forgive me for that bad english
  12. So, i took a break and i'm back ! Well, it's not what i was expected but since it work i have to tell that you are a genius ! For futur user, i just add the wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks. Here is the one i used: int entryIdNpc = 33759; var path = new List<Vector3>() { new Vector3(8451.504f, 1074.231f, 554.4833f, "None"), new Vector3(8449.256f, 1067.841f, 554.4672f, "None"), new Vector3(8447.452f, 1061.072f, 554.3987f, "None"), }; //path MovementManager.Go(path); while (MovementManager.InMovement && Conditions.InGameAndConnectedAndAliveAndProductStartedNotInPause && !Conditions.IsAttackedAndCannotIgnore) { // Wait follow path Thread.Sleep(100); } MovementManager.StopMove(); if (path[path.Count - 1].DistanceTo(ObjectManager.Me.Position) < 10) { // easy way: wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc(path[path.Count - 1], entryIdNpc); } If somebody is interested, here is a quick quest file that show differences between the pathfinder method and the droidz one. I realy suggest you to take a look at it because the way the bot react is realy interesting (Btw: the bot will go to the silver turnament on this NPC so, don't be too far Pathfinder vs DroidZ.xml Let the quester do all until the end message open up
  13. Hello, i started looking at the classes/method list with a decompiler like DroidZ recomend in this post, To find if there was a way to go on a specific position and interact with npc without using the pathfinder and, i haven't find anything (maybe i'm just blind). Does something like, MovementManager.GoAndInteractWithNpc(Path, 33759, 2, true); exist ? It could be useful for taking quest when the pathfinder dosen't work correctly or just to follow a path and interact with npc in a scenario (or something like that). If nothing like that has been created, do you know a way to interact with an npc without moving ? Something like: wManager.wow.task.NPC.InteractWithNpc(33759, 3, false); (with gossip options or not ~) I realise now that it's a bit hard to explain in english, tell me if anything is not understandable
  14. Well, i will try later with the first selectGossip Thanks for your help !
  15. Okay, it work ! i just add a macro line because it seems to not work without. Here is the full working code for the futurs Vector3 narasiloc = new Vector3(8606.03f, 661.006f, 550.327f); wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc(narasiloc, 34880, 3, false); Lua.RunMacroText("/script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1)"); Lua.RunMacroText("/run AcceptQuest()"); can you just tell me what is the "3" between the id and "false" ? i thought it was the same thing has "SelectGossip" but it wasn't doing anything so i'm intrigue working test file: test.xml