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  1. No they werent checking it manually, they had a detection system. It seems ok by 2 days for now.
  2. On a bots usings Shakas advanced fightclasses everything works great. on my own wrobot rotation opnly this happening.
  3. Some of my thoughts. Botted a lot of accounts all of em banned. Highest is 65~, a lot of 40-50, one 25~. They r banning at every possible time. Doesnt matter if its 6 am, or 6 pm. Banning is not only Piotrek but all of the gms, im 100% sure all of GM has/had acces to antibot. It must be anti bot system, becouse all of my bots r using smooth path, and are pausing on every player nearby. Also tried grinding spot that are empty of ppl, literally no single person seen me, and still get banned. They r not checking the bots with some kind of shit like teleporting to mobs/closedroom or any of those methods. Few times GM just asked to stop bot, if no answer - ban. I just give up after those ban fiesta, but now ill test if the wrobot update bypassed them.
  4. Having same issue. Fresh Wrobot and Fresh wow didnt make any diffrence.
    After 36 lvl when we get ravage and pounce this is so fucking op, its even better than the affli lock.
  5. Does location have something if it works or not ? London proxy is working while usa ones not 😞
  6. At first i thought its only wioth hunt begins but i noticed problem occure to every NPC tauren
  7. Nah, with every NPC tauren, as undead when tryin to vendor npc tauren, when trying to pick quest from tauren, and so on.
  8. Not as a Tauren but if want to interact with Tauren NPC *
  9. Got this problem ; as Tauren bot is standing too far away to be able to interact with NPC. All addons disabled, tried also on a fresh wrobot download. tried with other than bambo profile, turned off all the plugins, still happens. 6 kwi 2019 15H46.log.html
  10. i remember old plugin that is turning off when player nearby, or opening a map to make a character looking at map
  11. Update. I think they issue is not Tauren as player character, but Taurens NPCs
  12. Hi, Got this problem ; as Tauren bot is standing too far away to be able to interact with NPC. All addons disabled, tried also on a fresh wrobot download. 6 kwi 2019 15H46.log.html
  13. Hi, There are plenty leveling profiles, which one is best ?
  14. So, the path finding using ground mount is nearly perfect, but the flying one .... Is it so terribly... Id prefer to use ground than fly but fly has so much potential ... Am i doing somethink wrong or just path finding by wrobot of flying mounts is bad by itself?
  15. How is the horde version, can some1 who bought write a review?
  16. Hi Sorry to make 2 similar topics but ive just realized here ill get faster reply to my problem: What kind of feature i have to run in to make bot use some skills while i play the character ? (Like Battle shout every 2min) The problem is, my fight class works well with grinder/gatherer/quester features, but when i switch to Wrotation bot dont use any of skills that would use in gathere/grinder/quester. What im doing wrong? I use TBC private server version. My automaton feature is not working too, ive added npc to table and bot is not doin anythink.
  17. So my Wrotation doesnt work, while i use my fight class on gatherer/grinder/quester and everythink is fine, when i switch to Wrotation bot dont use any abilities. I play on TBC Private Server . What ive missed that it doesnt work ?
  18. Same issue... Is there any wayt to download bot from past update?
  19. What is run code and how to check this?
  20. Im using Your profile :)
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