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  1. Hmm. Im using it together with HBM from Schaka, maybe they interfere with each other 😕
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Use Case: You level your character but something keeps you checking it, preventing you from the ultimate AFK experience that all these Quester/Grinder seller promise you. You guess it right, its the talent assignment. Features: Assign Talents for the primary spec All Trees are configureable Pet talents also configureable You can configure the order of trees to be skilled How it works: In the plugin settings you can find options for all 4 trees (Tree 1-3 and Pet). The format follows the these rules: The order is from left to right,
  3. Version 1.0.2


    Use Case: If you level up a character and it does quests or gets soulbound items via equipping them. Eventually the bags will fill up because they cant be send away if you dont want to sell them by default. Features: Option to enable to sell green soulbound items (Default=true) Option to enable to sell rare soulbound items (Default=false) Option to enable to sell epic soulbound items (Default=false) Note: Tested for 3.3.5, but the API calls that are used also exist in TBC and Vanilla. I don't know if it works for other versions. Cheers
  4. I found it out. Im using the lua API now to do both. Unfortunately, there is no API call to sell specific bag items, is there?
  5. Hio! How to find out if an item is soulbound or not? I saw that there are some Descriptors with contain flags, which may give some info about it. I assume it is a bit vector. But which bit gives me the required infos? Also for random items, how do i get the full name? cheers!
  6. For some reason It does not go training at all when activated for the WOTLK client. I have added train levels every 4 level.
  7. Hey! I would love to add steps to the quest order above/below of the currently selected step. Currently it just appends them to the end, which becomes extremely tedious if you have about 500 steps and you need to go the the beginning. A workaround is currently to edit the files manually and the reload it, but this is about as tedious. Cheers!
  8. The Quester module executes steps, there is a step called GoToStep, which I believe just takes a number. I want to jump to a variable step at a certain point but I don't know how to run code in that action. So I thought I could execute the GoToStep step from some internal call, I found the enum in the API but not a function to execute an arbitrary step.
  9. Hey! For a project of mine I would like to set the GoToStep action parameter programatically, how can I do that? Actually, how can I execute any action programatically? Cheers!
  10. TLDR: @BetterSister, is probably right. In the end I didnt get it to work directly. However, @Ordush, suggested a way to run it through a VNC server. Another alternative is to use KVM and run it in a windows VM obviously. Cheers!
  11. Hio! Since I can not get wow to connect to any server in my virtual machine with windows 10 for some reason, I was trying to run the bot using wine under linux. I needed to install dotnet45 using winetricks and add msvcr100 dll. Upon doing that the application started, when using the "-nodx" option. However when I tried to log into a character, the application crashed having a nullreference exception in MemRobot.Memory.HWBPThread() Hope someone knows the answer to either getting wow to run on the VM or resolving this issue xD cheers!
  12. Version 1.0.0


    DISCLAIMER: English client only! If you want to use it for another language, change the Spell strings in the file! Hey! I made this fight class solely for farming, especially elementals. Combine it with some grinder. It does something for leveling as well, but its pretty obvious that it is a bot if you try to level from 1-62. Features: Automatically applied windfury to weapons. Pulling with Lightning Bolt if the target is far away or unreachable due to the environment. Using Water and Lightning Shield to regenerate Mana. Using Ghostwolf during farming an
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