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  1. Anyone got a plugin where it stops and makes the Evergreen Puch thingie with Tharlendris Seeds+Ungoro Soils? Would be awesome!
  2. Ye i know, im sorry matenia but i dont know if its hmp or wrobot itself, been acting to weird lately
  3. I have purchased Wrotbot for 1 year, 1 session . Only used it for 1 IP. Purchased HMP for 1 IP and session. And i get this error wich is like what? It worked perfectly yesterday
    Amazing Profile just passed level 40 and still going strong. Sometimes maybe a few hickups but thats what you must count on, and its probably not even the grinding profile but much your own misstake. However, this profile is simply amazing and with bambos instant replies on discord, if anything goes wrong he will help you. 10/10
  4. Anyone can make a profile that tames the beasts you want to tame? or maybe know a macro so you dont spam more than 1 tame beast spell if its already cast? Kinds Regards Simon
  5. How do i turn it off then Matenia? you have any idea?
  6. For some reason the plugin sells stuff that is plugged into the "do not sell list" in settings
  7. I turned off the plugin but still the bot says int he log 08:00:43 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Successfully authenticated every 30 seconds now like lol?
  8. Got it working without HumanMasterPlugin now, seems like its buggin or something with the plugin. So i removed it for now.
  9. This is spammed in the logs every 15 sec 08:00:43 - [HumanMasterPlugin] Successfully authenticated, dunno if its a bug or somehting aswell?
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